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Joann Keali`inohomoku Collection

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Joann Wheeler Kealiinohomoku (also Keali`inohomoku) (1930-2015) is an American anthropologist and educator, co-founder of the dance research organization Cross-Cultural Dance Resources. She has written and/or edited numerous books and articles, including contributions on dance-related subjects to multiple encyclopedia, such as writing the entry for "Music and dance in the United States" in the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Among her best known works are "An anthropologist looks at ballet as a form of ethnic dance" (1970) and Theory and methods for an anthropological study of dance (1976). An associate professor of anthropology at Northern Arizona University, she was retired as Professor Emerita in 1987. In 1997, she received the first annual award for "Outstanding Contribution to Dance Research" from Congress on Research in Dance. In 2000, the CCDR Collection was named by President Bill Clinton's White House Millennium Council, as a resource to be preserved under the "Save America's Treasures" program.


  • Ph.D. Indiana University, 1976, Cultural Anthropology, minor - Folklore

      Dissertation: Theories and methods for an anthropological study of dance

  • M.A. Northwestern University, 1965, Cultural Anthropology

     Thesis: A comparative study of dance as a constellation of behaviors among African and United States Negroes

  • Course work in anthropology, music, dance - University of Hawaii, 1960, 1962

  • B.S.S. Northwestern University, 1955, Speech and Theater


Field Research

  • Hopi Indians and Hopi-Tewa Indians of northern Arizona, 1965, 1966-1968, 1970-1971, intermittent to date

  • Yaqui, Zuni, Apache Indians of the southwest U.S.,1965, intermittent to date

  • Polynesian and Micronesian dancers located in Hawaii, 1958-1964, intermittent to date

  • Mrs. John Wilson (Auntie Jennie) of Hawaii, taped interviews on hula and oral history 1962, research about Jennie Wilson intermittent to date

  • African American dance in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, 1957-1958, 1964-1966


Key Awards

  • Southwest Chapter Society for Ethnomusicology named newly created award the "Joann Keali'inohomoku Graduate Student Paper Award" - 2000

  • Arizona Humanities Council, Distinguished Public Scholar, 1996

  • Outstanding Contribution to Dance Research, first recipient, Congress on Research in Dance, 1996

  • Senior Research Associate, Center for Colorado Plateau Studies, NAU, 1987-1992

  • Professor Emerita, Northern Arizona University, 1987

  • N.E.H. Summer Stipend, 1986

  • Sabbatical, awarded by Northern Arizona University, fall semester, 1981

  • Research Fellow, Culture Learning Institute, East-West Center, Hawaii, Fall, 1981

  • Weatherhead Resident Scholar, School of American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1974-1975

  • Grant for field research, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 1970-1971

  • Subsidy for Penrose Fund, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 1967-1968

  • Grant for field research, American Philosophical Society, Phillips Fund, 1965,1966; Penrose Fund, 1967-1968

  • Grant for field research equipment, University of Hawaii Committee for the Study and Preservation of Hawaiian Language, Art and Culture, 1962


Selected Training

  • Workshop in folkdance - Wisconsin, 1964

  • Japanese dance - University of Hawaii, 1961

  • Erdman, Jean - Workshop in modern dance, 1958

  • Taylor, Josephine - Graham technique in modern dance, Honolulu, 1958-1964, 1978, 1981

  • Huhm, Halla Pai - Korean dance, Honolulu, 1958-1962

  • Johnson, Helen Holt -"Body Rhythms," Shorewood, Wisconsin, 1957-1958

  • Analisa - workshop in modern dance and Jooss Technique, Northwestern University, 1956

  • Graham, Martha - summer course, 1956

  • Schmidt, Nancy - Graham Technique of modern dance, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1952-1955

  • Keaney, Marian - tap, ballroom, Keaney Studio, Winnetka, Illinois, 1951-1952

  • Limon, Jose - workshop in modern dance, 1952

  • Bannister, Delta - modern dance, Northwestern University, 1948-1952

  • Craig, Marjorie - modern dance, Whitefish Bay High School, Wisconsin, 1945-1948

  • Daly, Agnes - ballet, Des Plaines, Illinois, 1939-1942

  • Wheeler, Leona Moore - ballet, interpretive, Scottish, Irish, Spanish dance, rhythms, piano, castanets, Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago and Des Plaines, Illinois; Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, 1933-1945

  • Kurath, Gertrude Prokosch - tutorial in dance ethnology, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1957



  • American Anthropological Association (Fellow)

  • American Ethnological Society

  • American Folklore Society

  • Bishop Museum Association

  • CORD (Congress on Research in Dance) (Board of Directors 1974–1977)

  • Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, co-founder 1981, (President Board of Directors 1981–1992)

  • Dance Critics Association. 1999–Present

  • International Association East-West Center Alumni

  • International Council on Traditional Music

  • Pan Pacific & Southeast Asia Women's Association

  • Sister Cities

  • Society for Ethnomusicology (council member 1967–1970, 1980-1983)

  • Society for Dance History Scholars

  • Society for Visual Anthropology

  • Association for the Study of Play

  • Zeta Phi Eta (professional speech fraternity)


Key Employment

  • Executive Director, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, Flagstaff, Arizona 1992–1998

  • Researcher/ Consultant, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1981–present

  • Visiting Faculty, World Arts and Culture, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), winter quarter 1998

  • Visiting faculty, Drama and Dance Department, University of Hawaii-Manoa campus, Honolulu, April 1991

  • Associate Professor Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 1980-1987, summers 1987–1996

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University 1975–1980, 1970–1972

  • Visiting faculty, Department of Music, University of Hawaii - Manoa, fall, 1981

  • Faculty Institute on Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaii - Hilo campus, 1974

  • Visiting faculty, Department of Anthropology, U. of Hawaii - Hilo Campus, summers 1974, 1973, spring 1973

  • Faculty, World Campus Afloat, Chapman College, Orange, California, fall, 1972, 1973

  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University, 1968–1970

  • Visiting Instructor, Department of Physical Education, Indiana University, summer, 1968

  • Research Assistant, Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University, 1965–1967


Service of Note

ACADEMIC LECTURES - Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University at Tropenmuseum, Arizona State University, Buckeye Community College, Florida International University, Florida State University, Fort Lewis College, Indiana University, Northern Iowa University, Ohio State University, Sweetbriar College, University of Arizona, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Cape Town (South Africa), University of Hawaii-Manoa, University of Louisville, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, University of Oregon, Wesleyan University, York University

PAPERS PRESENTED FOR - African Studies Association; American Folklore Society; Anthropological Society of Hawaii; Association for Applied Anthropology; "Confluences" Conference at University of Cape Town, South Africa; Congress on Research in Dance; Hearst Center for the Arts; International Council on Traditional Music; Society for Dance History Scholars; Society for Ethnomusicology; UCLA Graduate Dance Ethnology Forums

OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - committees for theses and dissertations: Case Western, Northern Arizona University, The Union Institute, University of New Mexico, UCLA; Consultant for Dancing (1993), 8-hour PBS series; co-chair with Allegra Fuller Snyder of CORD Conference Anthropology and Dance, Tucson (1972)


  • Native Americans For Community Action, Flagstaff Indian Center, Flagstaff, Arizona - Board of Directors,1977-1982, Secretary 1979-1982; Advisory Board, Adult Education Program 1978-1980 Advisory Board; Youth Outreach Program 1987-1990

  • Board of Directors, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, Flagstaff, Arizona 1981–1993, 1999–present.

  • Flagstaff Arts Council 1980–1997, Vice-President 1992–1996, Secretary-Treasurer. pro-tem 1997

  • Women's Study Advisory Committee 1986–1987

  • International Students Admissions Committee 1985–1986

  • Performing Arts Committee 1985–1987

  • Beautification Committee, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 1985–1958

  • Promotion and Tenure Committee, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 1982–1985

  • Department Status Committee, Department of Anthropology 1983–1984. Chair

  • Committee on Indian Education, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 1982–1988

  • Screening Committee to Select Deanof College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1982

  • Sponsor Native Americans United, University Indian Club 1978–1982, 1984

  • Sponsor Hopi Senom Club 1975–1980

  • Presentations of workshops on Native American World Views - for Faculty Seminars 1979

  • Presentations of workshops on Expressive Culture - for Faculty Seminars 1978

  • Interdisciplinary experiments in team-teaching of literature, Karl Doerry, Director 1978–1980

  • Admissions and Scholastic Regulations Committee 1979–1980

  • University Indian Education Committee 1978–1979, 1981-1982

  • Faculty Senate 1977–1979


Key Publications

  • 1972. "Folk dance." Richard M. Dorson (editor), Folklore and folklife: an introduction: 381-404. Chicago: University of Chicago.

  • 1979. "Culture change: functional and dysfunctional expressions of dance, a form of affective culture," John A.R. Blacking and Joann W. Keali'inohomoku (editors), The performing arts : 47-64. World anthropology Series. The Hague: Mouton.

  • 1979. "You dance what you wear & you wear your cultural values," J.M. Cordwell, R.W. Schwarz (editors), The fabrics of culture: 77-83. World anthropology series. The Hague: Mouton.

  • 1980. "The drama of the Hopi ogres." Charlotte J. Frisbie (editor), Southwestern indian ritual drama: 37-69. A School of American Research Book, Advanced Seminar Series. Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press.

  • 1981. "Dance as a rite of transformation," Caroline Card and others (editors), Discourse in ethnomusicology II: a tribute to Alan P. Merriam: 131-152. Bloomington, Indiana: Ethnomusicology Publications Group, Indiana University.

  • 1983. "An anthropologist looks at ballet as a form of ethnic dance" Roger Copeland, Marshall Cohen (editors), What is dance?: 533-549. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Original 1969-1970)

  • "The would-be Indian," Charlotte J. Frisbie (editor), Explorations In ethnomusicology: essays in honor of David McAllester: 111-126. Detroit Monographs in Musicology Number 9. Detroit: Information Coordinators in Detroit.

  • 1989. "The Hopi katsina dance event 'doings'," Lowell John Bean (editor), Seasons of the Kachina: 51-64. Hayward, California: A Ballena Press/California State University, Hayward Cooperative Publication.

  • 1992. "Hopi and Hawaiian music and dance: responses to cultural contact," Carol E. Robertson (editor), Musical repercussions of 1492: 429-450. Washington and London: Smithsonian Institution Press.

  • 1993. "Music and dance of the Hawaiian and Hopi peoples," Richard L. Anderson and Karen L. Field (editors). Art in small scale societies: contemporary readings: 334-348., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.: Prentice-Hall (originally published in 1985. Becoming human through music, the Wesleyan symposium on the perspectives of social anthropology in the teaching and learning of music: 5-22. Reston, Virginia: Music Educators National Conference.)

  • 2001. "Signatures embodied in dance: their transformative power," Helen Lawrence (editor), Traditionalism and modernity in the music and dance of Oceania: Essays in honour of Barbara B. Smith: 33-44. Oceania Monograph 52. New South Wales: Australia: University of Sidney.

  • 2008. Theory and methods for an anthropological study of dance. Flagstaff, Arizona: Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, Inc. (original: Ph.D. dissertation, 1976)

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